Friday, March 22, 2013

What would be a price of wall-painting in Israel

If you've decided to order a wall-painting or by other words a mural for your office or house from a professional painter, it's better to have an indication what would be a price that you would be asked to pay in Israel. 

The standard price of square meter of wall-painting in Israel costs around 500 shekel. Yet, there are number of factors that can raise or lower this average price. 

Size of wall-painting:
In this particular case size really matters! A big mural will cost more than a smaller mural.

a very big mural in Rimonim hotela little wall-painting in the hospital

Quality of paints used:
Some kinds of paints used for wall-paintings are really costly. Usually bright paints cost much more than paints that are less vibrant. You should take that fact into consideration when you lets say comparing between 2 different painters' propositions.

Poe the bear's wall-painting painted with quality vibrant paintsa wall-painting painting done with low quality cheap paints

Level of detailness:
Some murals are real works of art and the other are more like something that's supposed only to cover wall with a color. Murals that include a lot of details cost much more that simple murals that contain only basic forms and colors.

simple wall-paintinga detailed and consequently quite expensive mural

Surface that's supposed to be painted:
Some smooth surfaces are easily to paint and they are require little amount of paints to reflect the image wanted. Yet, raw surface require extra work and paint to reflect the images, so they cost much more to be covered with murals. In some cases it will be cheaper to smooth out your wall before painting a mural, than to order a mural on a really raw surface.

a mural painted over raw surfacea wall-painting painted over smooth surface

Height and placement:
Wall-paintings that need to be painted at high places like ceiling or a ladder is required to paint them cost much more than murals that don't require such an extra effort.

a mural painted on a low walla mural painted with a ladder

The factors mentioned above can really influence total price that you will be asked for a wall-painting. It is necessary to be aware about those in order to fit your budget.

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